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Winter Home Selling Checklist

Winter Home Selling Checklist

It’s Winter time…and that is not always the easiest time to sell your home! If you live where there is snow, just think how a potential Buyer cannot see the beautiful lawn, landscape beds or other landscape features that enhance the overall look (a.k.a. curb appeal) of your home! Here are some key points to consider:

Make It Inviting

Pay attention to how much natural light is coming in your home. Open blinds and curtains, and make sure all the lights work! Make sure every room has a “clear purpose” as to what it’s function is. You know…you could have that room you have to go through to get to another room….so make sure it can be seen as a play area or maybe a home office.

Show It’s Cared For

Clean, clean, clean! One thing that will quickly send a potential buyer out the door, is how clean your home is! As you get ready to list your home, you should plan a deep cleaning in every single room! Yes, that’s what I said! Move furniture and clean behind it (you will have to do it when you move out anyways…so one less thing to do when you are getting ready to move out). Organize and declutter closets and cabinets. A buyer is going to look in YOUR closet to see how big they are and if they meet their needs. And if they see a jumbled-up mess, they might think, “hmmm, maybe I can’t fit my things in here either?”

Now is also a good time to paint. It may be a full on re-paint of every room, or just touch up scuffs and nail holes. We once had a listing where the Seller has the CEILING painted red! Yes sir! After a broker/agent caravan, and several showings, we had no offers. He agreed to paint the ceiling white (he left the walls red) and we had an offer a week later!

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Depending on the time of year and weather, power wash the outside of your house. BE CAREFUL….to much pressure can take the paint off and you will be looking at an expensive paint job! Also pressure wash patios, driveways and sidewalks!

Make sure your landscape is tidy. If all the leaves are off the trees, make sure they are cleaned up, and a fresh layer of mulch or pine straw is in all the landscape beds. A fresh mow to that dormant lawn looks like the carpet that just had a vacuum run over it! And make sure your front entrance is neat and tidy. A Buyer will be standing there for several minutes while their REALTORâ„¢ opens the lockbox.

This list will get you started, but I’m happy to meet with you and talk about all the steps you can take to make sure your home shines and shows great.

Winter Home Selling Checklist

Winter Home Selling Checklist | MyKCM

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