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Peachtree Corners Real Estate – Lazy Dog Restaurant

Sometimes you have to venture out. And in Atlanta, that can mean OTP! So we did! We thought we would check out some Peachtree Corners Real Estate – Lazy Dog Restaurant.

Peachtree Corners Real Estate

When you are looking for a new home, it’s good to know what’s around it. I mean we might find a home with a killer kitchen and a “grillin’ backyard” but sometimes you need a break! And that means heading out for dinner. And it’s even better if you don’t have to drive to far!

Lazy Dog Restaurant – Peachtree Corners Town Center

Peachtree Corners Real EstateWe have been watching this whole development, along with the construction of this new restaurant. So it was time to check it out. (To date this post — we visited during COVID-19 — 2020!) I mention that only because we had to wait 30 minutes for a table and I think it would have been like 15 if they did not have to space people out.

The inside of the restaurant is beautiful…made me think of something in my native Montana or Wyoming….lots of wood beams and stacked stone. And the open kitchen was cool, but based on where we sat as well as the tad higher wall in front of the kitchen, I did not witness to much activity.

The evening called for all things different…starting with the cocktail. (If you know me, I’m a wine guy, followed by beer, and then mixed cocktails. There’s a reason for that…but…I digress) I went for something totally different…A “mule” and this one was a huckleberry something. I was remembering the huckleberry margarita I had in Yellowstone National Park…this one was not as flavorful, but it was still refreshing and a nice change.

Bacon Candy Lazy Dog Restaurant Peachtree CornersFor an appetizer, we tried BACON CANDY!!!  Oh My! You know all the talk about bacon this and bacon that…well this bacon did not disappoint!  Bacon baked with brown sugar, crushed red pepper chili flakes, and black pepper. If that sounds good, it tasted even better! It was at a room temperature, which our server said was how it is served. I think it would be much better hot, like right out of the oven, but it was still awesome!

Entree — so I have a habit of ordering things I like, just in a different restaurant. So I was scoping out the Cobb Salad, or the Fish and Chips. Then I looked at the Ribs…because that is something I never make at home. And …Yum…Yum! Right off the menu…..BBQ St. Louis Style Pork Ribs… Tender St. Louis style ribs flash-fried until crispy, brushed with our molasses BBQ sauce, peanut sesame slaw, umami fries. They were awesome….but that peanut sesame slaw!!!!! OMG….I could have made meal just out of that!

They have a big outdoor area, but again seating was limited at our visit. I’ll be back for a second visit, but with my long, long, long list of places to try, it may be awhile.

If you are looking to call Peachtree Corners home, we’d be happy to help you with your home search! And of course, there are nearby areas like Johns Creek and even parts of Roswell that are convenient.

View Peachtree Corners Listings HERE!!!

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