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    Pros and Cons of Living in an HOA Community

    By Thom Abbott | February 2, 2021

    An “HOA community” refers to any single family neighborhood, townhome community or condominium building that has a homeowner’s association (HOA). There are pros and cons to having an HOA, and in the case of a townhome or condominium, you will have no choice about living with and HOA. In Atlanta, it is possible to find... Read More

    My Atlanta Mojo and Thomas Ramon Group Congratulate Another Happy Buyer!

    By Thom Abbott | December 9, 2020

    Working in real estate has many challenges! Many of the things that happen, our clients may never even see, or hear about as we work behind the scenes, managing all the moving parts that make a Celebration Day possible! But the rewards are pretty awesome as well! I will never get tired of seeing the... Read More

    Citizens For Progressive Transit – November Newsletter

    By Thom Abbott | November 27, 2020

    We all know that Atlanta is sorely lacking when it comes to mass transit. We continue our love with the automobile, and obviously some record-setting lengthy commutes! As the Metro Atlanta region grows, it actually makes transit even harder and harder to implement. Why?  Well, first off, there is the land needed to build the... Read More

    8 Ways to Bring Curb Appeal to Your Home

    By Thom Abbott | October 30, 2020

    First impressions go a long way….especially in real estate! When you place your home on the market For Sale, the first impression the Buyer has when they drive up can sometimes determine if they will even get out of the car to see the inside! But creating curb appeal does not need to be an... Read More

    Papa John’s To Open New Atlanta Headquarters

    By Thom Abbott | September 24, 2020

    Papa John’s To Open New Atlanta Headquarters Papa John’s announced this month that Atlanta will be home to a new global headquarters. This location will handle menu innovation, marketing, customer experience, HR, diversity, equity and inclusion, communications and development functions. Papa John’s said the opening of the new Atlanta location and its organizational changes are... Read More

    Bathroom of the Week: Save-and-Splurge Strategy for a Master Bath

    By Thom Abbott | September 24, 2020

    Bathroom of the Week: Save-and-Splurge Strategy for a Master Bath This North Carolina couple wanted to update their master bathroom while keeping their budget under tight control. To ensure they would make the right budget-minded decisions, they hired designer Laura Anderson to oversee a save-and-splurge strategy while creating a brighter, spa-like retreat. To save money,... Read More

    Peachtree Corners Real Estate – Lazy Dog Restaurant

    By Thom Abbott | September 18, 2020

    Sometimes you have to venture out. And in Atlanta, that can mean OTP! So we did! We thought we would check out some Peachtree Corners Real Estate – Lazy Dog Restaurant. When you are looking for a new home, it’s good to know what’s around it. I mean we might find a home with a killer... Read More

    Homebuyer Demand Is Far Above Last Year’s Pace

    By Thom Abbott | September 9, 2020

    Homebuyer Demand Is Far Above Last Year’s Pace Homebuying has been on the rise over the past few months, with record-breaking sales powering through the market in June and July. Buyers are actively purchasing homes, and the momentum is continuing into the fall. It is, however, becoming harder for buyers to find homes to purchase. If you’ve... Read More

    E-Signal Official Newsletter of Chamblee August 2020

    By Thom Abbott | August 9, 2020

    It’s probably no surprise that I have a fond appreciation for Chamblee. First, it is just a great place to live. And the past few years have seen so many things change in the city that make it even more desirable. New townhomes, new single family homes, new apartments. Old shopping centers that have had... Read More

    Not All Agents Are Created Equal

    By Thom Abbott | July 14, 2020

    Not All Agents Are Created Equal In today’s fast-paced world where answers are just a Google search away, there are some who may question the benefits of hiring a real estate professional when selling a house. The reality is, the addition of more information can lead to more confusion. A real estate agent can be... Read More