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    Should You Write a Love Letter to a Seller

    By Thom Abbott | June 5, 2023

    Should a Buyer Write a “Love Letter” to A Seller? I know. I know. In this market with low inventory, you want to do everything you can to make your offer stand out to the Seller…especially if you think there is going to be multiple offers. We are going to work on your offer to... Read More

    The Worst Home Price Declines Are Behind Us

    By Thom Abbott | May 24, 2023

    The Worst Home Price Declines Are Behind Us If you’re following the news today, you may feel a bit unsure about what’s happening with home prices and fear whether or not the worst is yet to come. That’s because today’s headlines are painting an unnecessarily negative picture. Contrary to those headlines, home prices aren’t in... Read More

    How to Become a Homeowner on a First-Time Buyer’s Budget

    By Thom Abbott | May 2, 2023

    It’s not easy being a first-time homebuyer right now. At the end of last year, housing affordability hit an all-time low.1 Additionally, mortgage rates have risen significantly since 2021, while inventory remains tight for many property categories, but especially for starter homes. Even lower-priced condos are harder to snag these days, as investors and downsizers... Read More

    Why Aren’t Home Prices Crashing

    By Thom Abbott | April 11, 2023

    Why Aren’t Home Prices Crashing? There have been a lot of shifts in the housing market recently. Mortgage rates rose dramatically last year, impacting many people’s ability to buy a home. And after several years of rapid price appreciation, home prices finally peaked last summer. These changes led to a rise in headlines saying prices... Read More

    Experts Forecast a Turnaround in the Housing Market in 2023

    By Thom Abbott | February 6, 2023

    Experts Forecast a Turnaround in the Housing Market in 2023 Experts Forecast a Turnaround in the Housing Market in 2023 The housing market has gone through a lot of change recently, and much of that was a result of how quickly mortgage rates rose last year. Now, as we move through 2023, there are signs things are... Read More

    Want To Sell Your House? Price It Right

    By Thom Abbott | February 1, 2023

    Want To Sell Your House? Price It Right! Last year, the housing market slowed down in response to higher mortgage rates, and that had an impact on home prices. If you’re thinking of selling your house soon, that means you’ll want to adjust your expectations accordingly. As explains: “. . . some of the more prominent pandemic trends... Read More

    Is Housing Recovery on The Horizon

    By Thom Abbott | January 13, 2023

    Is Housing Recovery on The Horizon? If you are in the real estate market….meaning you have your home or condominium listed For Sale, or you are a Buyer still searching for that perfect first, second or third home, you know that the real estate market has changed drastically since the time period of January –... Read More

    Winter Home Selling Checklist

    By Thom Abbott | January 11, 2023

    Winter Home Selling Checklist It’s Winter time…and that is not always the easiest time to sell your home! If you live where there is snow, just think how a potential Buyer cannot see the beautiful lawn, landscape beds or other landscape features that enhance the overall look (a.k.a. curb appeal) of your home! Here are... Read More

    5 Tips for Picking the Best Neighborhood

    By Thom Abbott | November 9, 2022

    5 Tips for Picking the Best Neighborhood Let’s face it….finding the perfect home is a big task! But, finding the neighborhood where that home is located might be even more of a challenge! You have to think about the location, commute times, schools, crime rates, and more! Well…to help you with this decision, here are... Read More

    What’s Ahead For Home Prices?

    By Thom Abbott | October 20, 2022

    What’s Ahead for Home Prices? As the housing market cools in response to the dramatic rise in mortgage rates, home price appreciation is cooling as well. And if you’re following along with headlines in the media, you’re probably seeing a wide range of opinions calling for everything from falling home prices to ongoing appreciation. But what’s true? What’s most... Read More