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8 Ways to Bring Curb Appeal to Your Home

Listing Curb AppealFirst impressions go a long way….especially in real estate! When you place your home on the market For Sale, the first impression the Buyer has when they drive up can sometimes determine if they will even get out of the car to see the inside!

But creating curb appeal does not need to be an expensive thing…it can just take a little work and maybe some paint….and cleaning! Let’s look at 8 Ways to Bring Curb Appeal to Your Home!

Weeds, Weeds, Weeds

We know weeds will grow better than almost anything…anywhere. And we need to get rid of them. If people are walking up the sidewalk to your front door, or the driveway, we want to have the weeds gone! It gives your home an “unkept” look, and buyers are looking to see how a home has been maintained, inside and out. The same goes for any flower beds. Plan a work day before you list (think photography) and weed out beds and put down fresh pine straw or mulch to give a great look!

Curb Appeal for Your ListingPlant Seasonal Flowers

You may already have things growing in your beds, such as shrubs, or trees. But if you have areas where you plant flowers, make sure they are the right flowers. In Georgia, what grew in the summer, most likely won’t grow in the winter. So, depending on when you put your home on the market, update the flowers to either Spring/Summer or pansies for the colder, winter months.

The Lawn

Keeping your lawn mowed and clean is another sign of owner maintenance. During the Spring and Summer months, keep your lawn mowed on a regular basis. And if you are listing in the Fall, and have trees, then weekly (probably more like every couple days) you will want to have the leaves cleaned up. Also note that if you have a lot of trees, it’s much better to have your photographs show this. If it’s summertime, but you know you are going to list your home in the Fall, have the outdoor photography done then to show the trees in full “bloom” with all their leaves on! You can add additional photos that show the fall colors.

Same goes for the lawn. If your grass is green in the summer, but goes dormant in the Fall/Winter (as many lawns in Atlanta area will) do the same with the photography.

Remember these photographs may likely be the real first impression a Buyer has of your home when they view it online, so you want to make it shine!

Pressure Washing

The first place to focus this effort is on the driveway and sidewalks. If you have not done this recently, you will be amazed at how different your home looks just by doing this! But also look at your exterior. You might consider a pressure washing of the home’s exterior as well. But be careful..this can remove old paint, and you may be looking at repainting. Not a bad thing…a freshly painted exterior goes a long way on curb appeal, and is a marketing plus. A buyer knowing the home was just painted will not have to worry about that expense for several years.

8 Ways to Bring Curb Appeal to Your HomeThe Front Door

When a Buyer and their agent arrive at your home, they are going to be standing at the front door for several minutes while the agent gets keys from a lockbox. This is a crucial time for the Buyer to “size up” your home and the entrance. A fresh coat of paint that compliments the exterior color of your home is a must! As well as keeping the front porch/steps clean of any debris and cobwebs!

Again, it’s those first impressions and we want to make it look its best!

Other Maintenance Issues?

Is your mailbox old? Maybe a wood privacy fence could use a cleaning? Light fixtures? Any of these things can draw attention…and not the kind of attention you want. They should be repaired or replaced.

If it Doesn’t Look Good….

Think about anything from bicycles to garbage cans. Seriously, if your trash can smells, consider giving it a good scrub if potential buyers will be anywhere near it…and try not to have it overflowing with garbage. Is your garage filled to the brim? You might want to consider a temporary storage unit to remove extra items and “open up the space” so a potential buyer can see what there is. Yes, this garage will hold my SUV and car, or whatever. The same will go for the inside of your home, but that’s a whole other article!

Final Thoughts

You really want to put your best foot forward when you list your home for sale. Ask your real estate agent for suggestions on things you can do to give that great first impression. You can’t focus on just the inside of your home when in reality the outside is what the buyer is going to see first!

Our Marketing Consultation

When you select Thomas Ramon Group to market your home, we will sit down with you and talk about the various things you need to do to make your home shine to potential buyers!


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